21 February 2019

Lightwood invited to speak at ONWARD ‘Creating Communities’ event

Lightwood were invited to speak at the Creating Communities 2019 conference; a major day-long conference hosted by Onward and Create Streets, with speeches, panel sessions and breakout sessions on specific topics. The event was opened and introduced by the Right Honourable James Brokenshire MP, Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, and brought together senior figures from government, local government, industry, community-led housing and resident and community groups, to facilitate expert and informed discussion on material issues and to facilitate conversations beyond the usual.

Strategic Planning Director, Richard Walker, was key speaker in the debate, ‘Using land value uplift to fund infrastructure’, in which he set out Lightwood’s belief that new large-scale developments can and should deliver its infrastructure without the need for government subsidy. The genesis of any planning journey should evolve from land ownership and contractual terms is the driving force which underpins successful, deliverable development.


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