29 July 2021

Lightwood secure Draft Allocated site in Trowbridge

The Wiltshire Draft Local Plan proposes two sites to the North East of Trowbridge that together will deliver 3,100 homes. Hilperton Marsh Farm forms a major part of the site that is expected to deliver 2,100 homes up to 2036 and a further 500 homes beyond the Plan Period. Lightwood have secured a position on 183ha of land combing both Hilperton Marsh Farm and Paxcroft Farm and will be promoting a larger concept to the LPA which, in addition to both a new primary and secondary school, provides its own SANG which in turn will help to address the issue of bats identified in the Trowbridge Bat Mitigation SPD (February 2020).


Oak House Mews
43 The Parade
KT10 0PD

Tel: 01372 464 819


4 Carlos Place,
Mayfair London


2 Farleigh Court
Old Weston Road
Flax Bourton
BS48 1UR