4 January 2018

Murrell Green included in Regulation 19 Hart Local Plan

Lightwood’s entire land interest at Murrell Green has been included in the ‘area of search’ for a new settlement in Hart’s Submission Local Plan which goes out to publication consultation on 9th February 2018 for a six week period.

Hart DC recognise that the risk of not planning now for a longer term approach is there will be a gap in housing supply making the Council vulnerable to future planning applications as well as limiting the ability to plan for longer term larger infrastructure needs.

Whilst a change from that presented in the draft Local Plan, the amended strategy will allow Hart DC time to undertake further work in respect of a longer-term strategy for meeting future housing needs, including full and proper consideration of the location of a new settlement and its broader implications.

The new settlement proposal will then be taken forward through a stand-alone Development Plan Document (DPD) which would be started on adoption of the Local Plan: Strategy and Sites.


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