Crowmarsh Gifford

Opportunity to provide housing and significant community infrastructure

South Oxfordshire District Council

Lightwood are promoting land for development on behalf of landowners who are an educational charity.  Lightwood has been working with the local school, which adjoins the land to explore opportunities to collaborate and ensure development provides benefit to the school as well as unlocking much needed housing in the area.

South Oxfordshire identifies a need for 1,154 dwellings to be allocated at the 12 ‘Larger Villages’ between 2011 and 2027, with allocations and planning permissions elsewhere it is generally accepted that 500 of these homes will need to be accommodated within the larger villages, of which Crowmarsh Gifford is one.


Oak House Mews
43 The Parade
KT10 0PD

Tel: 01372 464 819


4 Carlos Place,
Mayfair London


2 Farleigh Court
Old Weston Road
Flax Bourton
BS48 1UR