Monks Wood

Garden Village of up to 5000 units in Essex

Braintree District Council

New Settlements are being promoted by councils in North Essex as part of the current and long-term strategy for the future of development of the region. There is Government support for this approach under the Garden Village agenda.

Monks Wood presents a genuine, credible and most importantly deliverable Garden Community concept for Braintree District Council. This single ownership 2,200 acre estate would deliver 5,000 homes, secondary and primary schools, open space and woodland. We have reserved significant contributions for local road improvements responding to Essex County Council’s vision for an improved countywide road network.

With technical delivery partners, Lightwood is committed to this development being ‘smart’, ensuring through technology employed during construction and post development through data exchange that zero carbon emission should be an achievable benchmark. Further smart travel choices and a variety of mobility choices will contribute to a safer and healthier lifestyle blueprint.



Oak House Mews
43 The Parade
KT10 0PD

Tel: 01372 464 819


4 Carlos Place,
Mayfair London


2 Farleigh Court
Old Weston Road
Flax Bourton
BS48 1UR