163 acres promoted for residential development

St Albans City & District Council

Sandridgebury Farm measures around 66ha and lies to the north of St Albans. Lightwood signed Sandridgebury Farm in Summer 2019. The core planning strategy is to achieve an allocation in the next review of the Local Plan, beginning in around 5 years time. We envisage it being a major part of an urban extension of 2000-2500 homes. The  farm is in the Green Belt, but this designation covers all of the local authority area, and it has shown a willingness to alter the Green Belt in the current phase of plan review.

The land represents the  last logical northern extension of the town. Beyond the northern boundary lies Heartwood Forest (Woodland Trust) and a firming long term break on development . To the west of the railway an urban extension of 1,000 houses is already planned. Our strategy is to present the subject land as a logical further step.  The Council own an area of about 22ha within the wider study area and we intend to work with the estates department to devise a comprehensive vision and masterplan.


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