24 January 2022

Wokingham Revised Growth Strategy Consultation

A consultation on a Revised Growth Strategy for the local plan was conducted between 22 November 2021 and 24 January 2022, which sought views on some key changes to the council’s approach for development across the borough.

Unlike the previous Draft Plan, which was consulted on last year, Wokingham BC did not propose a new town of around 15,000 homes at Grazeley. This was no longer possible following an extension of the emergency planning zone around AWE Burghfield to include that area. Instead, the key sources of proposed supply are:

  • 947 homes within a first tranches of smaller sites
  • 875 homes within a second trances of smaller sites
  • 906 homes within the residual SW SDL land (with SANG south of Emm Brook)
  • 150 more homes at the Arborfield SDL
  • 371 more homes the South of M4 SDL
  • 283 homes at the North Wokingham SDL

This sub-totals at 3,532, nearly 1,000 (6.5%) over the minimum requirement. The Council is also proposing a wholly new SDL at Hall Farm/Lodden Valley south of the M4. The full scale of this is assessed as being in the region of 4,500 homes, with 2,200 to be completed by the end of the Plan period.

The proposals for the South Wokingham SDL follow an investigative masterplanning approach led by David Lock Associates and Stantec for WBC. Two scales of development were considered for the area south of Waterloo Road, but approach (i) was selected;

i. 835 homes as proposed in the consultation document, with the Emm Brook forming the limit to built development.


ii. 1,000 homes, which, unless the density north of Emm Brook was increased from 30dph to 35dph, would require land between Emm Brook and Easthampstead Road.



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